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About Us

"Our Commitment to Serve"

The People---Our Pledge

We believe in the popular adage that "good customer service is the lifeblood of a business". We believe it and our company speak true of it. Our team is comprised of polite, assertive and passionate staff working together to meet your needs. It will be our goal to send you out happy and satisfied after every transaction. We know that expectations will be great that's why we made sure that our staff are highly experienced and qualified to fulfill your demands. Your, our clients, are of great value and the one we see as the driving force behind our thirst to go beyond excellence. So we aim for the best and intend to surpass all others because we want the best for you.

We are here to listen. mypeopleworks is a corporation of world-class Administrative and IT management team with in-depth and hands on knowledge of online community services acquired from working and studying in reputable IT institutions. With acquired skills come a considerable confidence that we can make things happen by delivering result acquired from our understanding of your specific needs.

We are a synergy and integration of various discipline from CEO, Finance, Sales and IT. We are a team. Each team coexist with each other where we are willed to perform our own independent function, yet our objective remains the same --- "to provide an environment and structure that both encourage productivity and respect towards our clients and fellow employees".

This is mypeopleworks. This is US. It's a corporation where integrity and reliability is our strength; constantly investing in our technical facilities and our people's inherent capability in order to provide the highest quality service and assistance to the community and our clients.

You need US. Then we are here to make it easy for YOU.

"A Magnet For Excellence"

The Company---Our Role

mypeopleworks is another smart creation of RVE Software, creator and developer of the much recognized and Its mission is to provide a website that will offer its clients a one-stop HRIS and recruitment solution that is comparable as it is competitive in the global market at a much affordable price.

RVE Software was inspired by the concept of "getting all the job done in one place" kind of mind-set that prompted it to create "mypeopleworks", the first web-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) outsourcing provider. The website's concept is so unique that it combines job search and posting with HRIS, employing alternative means for recruitment and HR data maintenance and secured archiving. It will serve as a medium where "jobseeker meets employer online".

mypeopleworks is a smart innovation that transcends beyond the tedious and costly old school HR management. Aside from combining jobsearch and posting, it caters to both employers and aspirants and offers HRIS --- a one stop online solution for addressing "data entry, data tracking and data information of Human Resource planning, management and strategic function". With HRIS, the burden of paper based tracking of a job candidate from initial interview and selection and all the way to the tedious manual steps of employee management is gone. mypeopleworks aspires to forge an atmospher of a user-friendly software where online access becomes child's play. Our online products and services will give you full access and control of data and information anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

But wait! There's more to mypeopleworks' capabilities that meets the eye. Aside from jobsearch and posting, data entry is fully automated that it can easily be updated and generated at any given time. This automatic transfer and storage of data negates the challenge for errors and significantly reduces administrative cost and inefficiencies associated with conventional recruitment and HR processes. mypeopleworks offers and tracks Jobseekers Modules, Recruitment Manuals/Handbook, Benefits and Training, Employee Performance Appraisal, Awards, Disciplinary Action and even Retirement. It's an office outside your workplace! An easy access to your HR needs wherever you may be. It saves time, simplify managerial function and allows flexibility in completing deadlines. Assuming the primary role of an online provider, we are confident that our servers and data centers, being strategically located in key parts of Asia, can handle huge memory requirements and load to ensure fast, safe and easier routing and processing of data. So no more waking up early trying to beat the traffic or showing up in the office to a do a last minute perusal of company related documents and miss family time. At are in full command of your time and your life because we have it all for you.


"Your Satisfaction...Our Guarantee"

mypeopleworks is available to provide online support 24/7.

We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and recommendations. Our Customer Service staff is ready to accept your calls at our hotline numbers: (632) 655-3763 (632) 400-8918.

Feel free to visit us at our office located at Unit WS-1807, West Tower, Philippines Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


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